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iOS 10.3 Release Date & Features: Coming this March! (Review)

Now that March has officially arrived, rumors have been more abundant than ever, and iOS 10.3 seems to have a confirmed release date of March 2017 at Apple’s Spring Keynote Event! iOS 10.3 has been available in beta form for a few weeks, and definitely seems much smoother and more stable now than when it was initially released a few weeks ago. The new version of iOS features Find my AirPods, updated Account and iCloud Settings, Apple File System, New App Animations, new iPad features, and more! Of course, more features are expected to arrive when this release is made public, and I will be covering those as well, but check out my hands on overview of the release date and features below for more information. I am running the beta, but it is getting very close to the official release. iOS 10.3 should be a solid update, and I expect more to come along with iOS 10.3 at Apple's Spring Event in a few weeks.

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