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RED iPhone 7 & New iPad 9.7-inch: Where is iOS 10.3?

Apple has released the new RED iPhone 7, along with a new iPad 9.7-inch and price cut, iPhone SE storage upgrades, a new video editing app named “Clips”, and more! Strangely, iOS 10.3 has not been released yet. Apple did not follow their traditional schedule this year and they opted to release these new products through a press release online rather than hold a typical Apple keynote. Now it is fair to say that the reason behind this is due to the fact that these releases are not necessarily new products as much as they are improvements to already existing products, but it is unlike Apple to unveil products without an event to start. Regardless, new items have arrived, and I'm sure the public will enjoy them! Today I've posted my review and update on all of the new Apple product updates released this week along with an iOS 10.3 release date update! More to come as these are slowly made available to the public.

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