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iOS 11 Review: Best Features & Impressions!

Well, iOS 11 is officially here. A few weeks ago, Apple held their annual WWDC conference, at which they unveiled iOS 11 to the world. Since then, developers have had access to the latest iOS 11 beta firmware, and at this point, Apple has released two betas of iOS 11 to date. As always, with each beta, we expect the bugs and issues to be ironed out, all leading up to the final release of the firmware later this year in September alongside the iPhone 8. I have had an Apple Developer account for quite a few years now and so I've been testing out the iOS 11 firmware this year, eagerly awaiting the final release. Although the firmware is in beta and may be buggy, I have found it to be a solid update with some great new features. Below you will find my hands-on review of Apple’s iOS 11 including best features and first impressions of the newest iOS firmware update. iOS 11 is scheduled for a final release date of September 2017 to the public. Some new iOS 11 features include a redesigned control center and lock screen, Apple Pay iMessage Payments, Screen Recording, Dark Mode and more!

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