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Snapchat Hacks iOS 11 - How to Install Snapchat++ (Without Jailbreak)

Hacks for Snapchat are some of my favorite, so today I'm releasing my latest guide to install the best Snapchat Hacks on iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Snapchat++ (Phantom). Because iOS 11 is so new, there is not yet a jailbreak for this firmware, which is to be expected (it is in beta), but that leads to better news - you can install these hacks without jailbreaking and without Cydia! These hacks allow you to save snaps, location spoof new filters, view snaps unlimited times, prevent screenshot notifications, download and use custom filters, and more. For me, one of my primary jailbreak applications is Snapchat++ whenever I jailbreak my devices, so it is definitely nice to see this available without having to jailbreak when possible. Hope you all enjoy - more hacks coming soon!

Install TweakBox Here:

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