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Apple Leaked the iPhone 8 Design and Facial Recognition!

Apple has leaked the iPhone 8 Design and Features including Pearl ID & Face ID Facial Recognition! News broke today that these leaks come from a few iOS developers who investigated the Apple HomePod firmware released last week and discovered a number of leaks including photo concepts of the iPhone 8 Design and a few of its major features including the edge-to-edge display and Facial Recognition. This will obviously be confirmed by Apple in the fall, but this provides nearly perfect evidence that the iPhone 8 design rumors that we have been seeing during the past few months are true! The iPhone 8 is set for a release date in September, and more will be posted as it is released, but this definitely was pleasant news and certainly stirred up some excitement for the fall.

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iPhone 8 Release: Features, Design & Augmented Reality!
iPhone 8 Design & Features - Leaks and Rumors!

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