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Install Jailbreak Apps Without Jailbreaking iOS 11: AppValley!

Another day, another installer! Today I happened to be browsing through some forums regarding iOS jailbreaking and rumors now that so many iOS 11 betas have been released, and I was reading a few discussions regarding new rumors around an iOS 11 jailbreak this fall. While reading, a new installer caught my eye and similar to the ones I have posted on in the past, the app allows for downloading of tweaked apps, hacked games, emulators, and Cydia applications all without a jailbreak. Today I've posted my guide to install jailbreak apps on iOS 11 without jailbreaking using the AppValley App Installer, an alternative to Cydia, on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This works on iOS 11 and below, and it works completely without Cydia. This series has been quite entertaining and I will continue it into the future as I find more of these installers.

AppValley App Installer Link:

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