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iPhone 8 - No Touch ID?

Will the iPhone 8 include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor? Many rumors are hinting that the new iPhone 8 will be released without the Touch ID sensor that we have been using for the past few years and will instead feature a Face ID facial recognition system. If the rumors are true, the new iPhone could be very different from the older iPhones. The new iPhone 8 has a release date of September 2017 and will feature an edge-to-edge AMOLED display, wireless charging, augmented reality, Face ID face detection, iOS 11, and more.

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  1. And now, iPhone 8 and X has been released! But I'm not an Apple fan. Not a bit. I think that the only thing that is way better in theirs phones is camera. Everything else is mediocre. More than a half of theirs 'new' features were released few ears ago in Asian pones. And about face detection - think thie feature will be suuuuper uncomfortable.