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My Collection of Apple Products - What’s New - 15 YEARS OF PRODUCTS!

This is a current overview of my collection of Apple products and what’s new. I review over 15 YEARS OF PRODUCTS since the time I started collecting! My collection of Apple products includes iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, Apple Watches, iPhone cases, accessories, and more! Let’s see what’s new.

On my channel, The Macintosh Review, I like to focus on the best in Apple news, rumors, and reviews. Of course, that means I love Apple products and I have plenty on hand in order to bring the latest news and hands on reviews to all of you, the viewers! Today, I wanted to show you my latest overview of my collection of Apple products as of Summer 2020. My collection includes iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, Apple Watches, tons of iPhone cases and accessories, cameras, computers gear, and more, so Iʼm definitely excited to share this with you. I cover both new and old Apple products in this video - it’s my entire collection of Apple products that I have collected for over 15 years. If you see a product you like, the link to check it out and purchase is below. I guess you could say I love buying Apple products!

New posts every Thursday! Leave me your comments below on what you thought of this video so I can improve and grow my audience and channel. Thanks for visiting and watching!

All Products Shown in this Video and All Products I Recommend - My Amazon Influencer Page⬇️

Some of the links used in my description are affiliate links. By using these affiliate links, I earn a small fee when you purchase a product or service that I recommend. It is free for you and does not cost you anything. I use and recommend these products and I hope you like them! It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use the links and I often post some good deals so hopefully you enjoy. The links help me to be able to create more videos for you! Thank you for supporting me! Giveaways may be coming in the future! 😃

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